It is the classic sales rep schoolboy error!

Focus and harness a relationship with the person you believe is the ultimate decision-maker…

-the person you got past the gatekeeper to speak to first time around…

-the person who you pitched to in the face-to-face meeting

-the person you have maintained contact with after that meeting/s.

-the person who you may hold an existing relationship with

-Or the C-Suite contact you believe will make this an easy sell…a ‘no-brainer’ as they say!

Sadly, we could never be so wrong, but we continue to see our B2B sales community sell in this way.

Do not be mistaken, the higher up the hierarchical food chain you go, the more strength you are gaining in your selling power…

…. but we should never make our sales approaches and processes siloed and focussed on just one decision-maker.


There are obviously plenty of examples of selling into a single decision-maker. Maybe it is a low-ticket item, or maybe it is a very small organisation you are selling into.

Occasionally, single decision-makers make solus decisions.

But for a vast majority of B2B organisations the products and solutions they are selling are often complex and big-ticket items for their target audience.

Do we need to remind ourselves again about the economical period we are in?  The scrutiny of cash and budgets are here to stay.

B2B organisations are rarely (and were not doing even before the pandemic) going to just say YES and buy instantly.

So rather than spend our entire sales existence solely trying to find the decision-maker we should instead focus our efforts on HOW the decision will be made.

The Decision Maker in the complex sales of B2B is a myth. We believe they exist, but they are myths and can mislead us into a false understanding of the situation.

In the larger more complex sales, the over-focus on the single person who is believed to be “The Decision Maker” is the largest single cause of lost deals.


The typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to 10 decision makers‚ each armed with four or five pieces of information they’ve gathered independently and must deconflict with the group.

Be under no illusion… they often will know more about you than you know about them. That includes your business and products and can also include you personally – the seller.

And this is truer if you still have not aligned a 21st century data strategy to your organisation’s sales strategy.

“It’s no longer to attract and persuade; it’s really to engage buyers and help them through their journey.” Forester 2020.

With an influencer chain of circa 10 contacts per organisation (and growing!) the need for B2B organisations to widen their selling toolkit and tailor their proposition and comms to each has never been so important.

Your proposition needs to translate carefully and acutely not just across different sectors but across each and everyone of your influencer chain.

The data strategy needs to be powering automated relevant content to each member of your influencer chain – right time – right message…right consistency.

But do not rely on intelligent automation to do the job for you.  The B2B buying process still differs significantly from that of our consumer worlds in that human connections are still a critical part of the B2B buying process.

Some big-ticket purchases for example will not just potentially define the career of the buyer but also the direction and success of the company they are buying for.

The Seller of 2021 and beyond needs to start evolving (if they have not already) to be able to engage with ALL members of the influencer chain.

They need to have the intelligence and knowledge at their fingertips that demonstrate they truly understand the needs of all their buying chain.

This means not just throwing endless product features and benefits at them without listening to their own individual needs.


Having the right data and intelligence is central to all the above…it is the accelerator and the common denominator that will either make these strategies work or fail.

Ampli can work with you to map out a prospect blueprint strategy that connects your buying process and locates ALL your influencer chain using unique AI tools.

Our unique product and methodology provide an intelligence layer that allows you to rapidly find, optimise and stimulate the influencer chain through the buying cycle.

Ampli understand the intrinsic detail of the B2B selling process in 2021.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you amplify your B2B sales effort in an increasingly complex landscape.