Sometimes You Just Have To Open The Door…

Like many salespeople I speak to, I fell into a career in sales.

After graduating from university, I was penniless but had natural confidence and loved speaking to people.

My first sales job was to fill a gap, temping at a cold calling agency, quite a popular entry route, and which teaches you how to engineer a conversation to get a desired outcome and to think on your feet.

The latter skill proved useful, especially when calling the wrong company to apply for a full-time job yet still managing to convince the DM to meet with me and subsequently give me my first BDM role.

But luck and natural persuasion aside, why is sales not a standalone career choice?

A career in sales is exhilarating when you find the right product, market and manager who invests in your growth.

Your first Sales Qualified Lead, your first closed deal and your first commission cheque will undoubtedly hook you into the roller-coaster world of sales with ever increasing deal sizes, commission, and responsibility.

Sales Teaches You Business Skills That Stay with you for Life

It is the only position in a company (apart from directorship/shareholder positions) that gives you total freedom to earn as much as you put in.

Apart from being one of the most lucrative roles in business, a career in sales teaches you the most important elements about running a commercially focused business, money and people.

You will learn how money creates growth, how nurturing relationships creates long term value and that investing in your network can open doors you never thought possible.

The secret to a successful career in sales is simple; REPITITION.

…Find what works and discipline yourself to do it repeatedly – don’t fall into the trap of on-demand prospecting which creates endless (and stressful) peaks and troughs in your numbers.

Strategic Selling Is a Craft…

A good example of this is the Ampli M.O.

This is our tried and tested prospecting methodology that we teach to all employees that involves multiple touchpoints, across multiple channels and using cutting edge digital first techniques – follow the core concepts behind this and you will succeed, grow, and create value for yourself and for your clients.

At Ampli we believe modern b2b selling is a craft, a defined process which takes time to learn but the skills of which will stay with you for life, and therefore we call our people Sales Success Engineers, and we invest significantly in their development.

So, if you are looking for a sales career or if you are looking to step up into a 21st century sales role, get in touch for a chat.

Rob Conway

Chief Commercial Officer