Ampli recognises the growing need for b2b organisations to access innovative sales growth thinking and approaches that deliver real, rapid measurable results. That is why we have created the Ampli M.O. (Modus Operandi). The Ampli M.O. is a suite of 21st century strategic and implementation modules that allow b2b organisations solutions to fixing the core leaks in their sales funnel allowing them to convert more prospects into customers and then retain and grow them as customers.

Where the Ampli M.O. can reframe your b2b sales strategy:

  • If you are not unlocking the potential of data within your sales strategy or lack a centrally owned data strategy at all.
  • If your Selling Proposition has lost its potency and relevance in the marketplace OR is not being translated and delivered consistently by your sales team.
  • If you recognise inefficiencies in your Field/Inside Sales team capability and performance and need to install quick fixes to stimulate growth.
  • If your sales implementation plan is lacking 21st century technology and innovation to drive growth.

The Ampli M.O. process allows you to reverse engineer the b2b sales funnel to deliver sustainable and profitable growth.

Our unique process leveraging the best in human and artificial intelligence



Using human and artificial intelligence to quickly provide clarity on exactly who your prospects really are - and where to find them

A sales function needs a clear view of who is buying, how many buyers there are and what the purchase cycle is. This provides a tightly defined, efficient point from which your sales effort can be optimised. Ampli also allows you to optimise AI technologies to scenario plan for changing market, economic or competitor influences.

The blueprint scopes your prospect universe. This universe is then consistently defined across the sales function and held centrally as a hugely valuable piece of company I.P. The sales team can then be organised around this. Sales forecasting can be pinpointed from this. A clear view of buyers also provides insight to make marketing efforts more relevant, compelling and efficient.

Unless you have a clear view of who you are going after as a business, you are not going to consistently get there.


Developing a ‘motivating ‘selling story’ for your prospect universe that maximises conversion rates and provides consistency in messaging across the sales team

The ‘selling story’ used by your sales teams to try to convert prospects or retain customers, is a key component of your sales funnel optimisation. This often gets separated from the brand story & severely diluted across channels and sales teams.

Our Proposition Engineering process is undertaken by an experienced team and is focussed on defining your unique selling story / value proposition. It is not a branding exercise. It will provide your Sales team with clarity on ‘The Sell’: your brand/ business role in the market, unique benefits and differentiators.

It is designed to contribute to the delivery of your commercial growth objectives. It can be developed and implemented over a short timeframe, to really amplify the sales impact.

Your selling story is critical to sales growth – nothing sticks in a customer’s head like a clear story about your role in the market and why you are most relevant to them.  We will work with you to build a compelling selling story and then also train this into your sales team and develop it into concise content.


Reviewing your Field/Inside Sales capability and developing plans to optimise effectiveness for the 21st century

Field/Inside sales teams in 2021 have never been more important and are facing increasing commercial pressures. Our Capability Optimisation product provides you with an objective review and analysis of your Inside Sales capability and capacity.

This is about benchmarking your performance against are range of critical factors including: industry Field/Inside Sales metrics and ‘standards’; the prospect blueprint strategy and the current commercial objectives of your organisation. A detailed ‘GAP’ analysis process, involving A.I technology and proven human methodologies will provide you with a Field/Inside Sales Diagnostic. This then guides the implementation plan required to AMPLIFY your sales effort.

Understand how to optimise and future-proof your Field/Inside Sales capability with 21st Century approaches.


Providing support in delivering 21st century sales effectiveness and growth through Inside Sales Teams and added-value outsourcing, if required.

All of Ampli’s M.O products lead to the effective implementation of the sales growth plan. We support your plans to deliver leads to your prioritised customers in your Prospect Blueprint. We support both initiatives to nurture existing prospects through the path to purchase AND retain them once they become customers. We work in parallel to efforts of your Field/Inside Sales Team, if our delivery services are required.

The only way to optimise your B2B sales contact strategy is through using an effective blend of AI driven digital personalised marketing automation and 21st Century Voice Delivery. We work with you to ensure the most appropriate channels are deployed to amplify reach amongst prospects and existing customers.
These channels include:

• AI Tools (To consistently drive data prioritisation and efficiencies)
• Marketing Automation
• Intent Outreach
• Voice/Video/Email Outreach

Our optimisation AI driven GAP analysis will use robust performance metrics to guide on whether the quickest way to amplify sales is either through adopting and transforming Field/Inside Sales teams or providing the best outsourcing capability to fill the gaps.

To build you the best performing Inside Sales team – and providing supporting services – to deliver rapid, profitable sales growth.