The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically, when you know exactly where to aim

Prospect Intelligence: Generating astute, laser-focussed prospect lists using advanced data and machine learning.

The key to success for any B2B business is to
make sure your targeting is right

Prospect Intelligence uses cutting-edge approaches to help you to connect with customers that matter at the moments that matter and step-change sales efficiencies.

The problem we address


of UK companies are classified under one of 74 SIC Codes that start with ‘other’.


of companies have only selected one SIC code with companies house, even though they can select up to four.


of the total SIC codes have been selected between 4,524,908 active companies.


of relevant SIC codes for sectors in the UK economy such as AI, cyber-security or advanced manufacturing.

Relying on defective SIC codes churns out poor data:

Up until now, most B2B organisations rely on old CRM databases or buy lists of target companies for their prospecting – these lists are typically segmented by industry sector as defined by SIC codes.


Utilising advanced data and machine learning to produce a high value prospect list, which radically enhances the efficiency and return of every sales contact

Don’t spend any more money
on poor data

Poor data = Empty Prospecting = adverse business costs

Irrelevant customer interactions

Buyers at wrong point on buying cycle; wrong customer types; no relationship building; not the key decision maker; out of date contact information

Duplicated effort and resource

Sales teams need to look up additional prospect information, social media information and business context – not held centrally each time

Prospect irritation

Can be seen as duplicating/ persistent callers; impossible to develop a good relationship; time-wasting calls when not at moments that matter

Demotivated staff

Low productivity, handling challenging lists; contacting irrelevant customers; rejection; wasted efforts; loss of confidence in the list

Use machine learning to find prospects most like your best customers

Significant commercial benefits

Higher performing sales teams

  • Utilising tighter, more manageable data lists
  • More motivated sales staff
  • More actionable insights for sales teams
  • More effective sales conversions
  • More meaningful customer interactions

Higher performing sales teams

  • Increased call rates
  • Stronger sales conversion rates
  • Increased time efficiencies
  • Continually improving customer data
  • Recouped time for other value-adding activities
  • Stronger returns on data spend

How it works?

Bringing prospect lists into the AI age to create performant prospect lists

Unlike other databases: not dependent on outdated SIC codes

Machine learning models are trained using your current, best customers

Build a picture of the full prospect universe for your business

Turn your Top 50 customers into a list of 5000 high-value target prospects

High-value calls using validated contact details, website and social media properties

Get ready to build prospect lists smarter, better fasterst