B2B Selling in 2021 is a tough gig right?

It’s never been easy, but todays B2B Buyer is a different animal to what they were even 2 years ago.

They want personalisation across every buying touchpoint, and being increasingly millennials, they are research heavy and often know more about you then you know about them.

The influencer chain involved in buying decisions is typically becoming larger and more complex.

Fortunately, there are many things b2b organisations can do to fix these issues and technology is now a saving grace to many b2b sellers challenges.

Technology allows us to automate almost every part of the selling process, ensuring our digitally savvy buyers are hit with the right message at the right time.

But technology sadly, for most, is unable to fix human behaviours on its own.

The reality for most is that technology has evolved faster than we human beings have…and its human’s, who for the most part, contribute towards the culture we create in our workplace.

And culture, remains and always will be, mission critical to B2B Sales…and humans will always be integral to b2b selling.

Ready, Set, Go!

So, we have the best technology, an amazing selling proposition, the best digital experience for our prospects, the best social media strategy, the best website user experience, maybe even the best nurturing strategy in place….

Sales ready leads are produced, sales teams are briefed and then…

…Things suddenly become harder…to track…to process….to close.

With sales conversion it is sometimes all too easy to focus on the obvious…

  • We were too expensive
  • The prospect/customer was never really interested
  • We could not compete with what our competitor was offering.

But sometimes, the REAL issue could sit with the human behaviours associated with the processing and handling of the lead.

Human behaviours will often link back to the culture of the selling organisation.

Urgency, Urgency, Urgency:

The Buyer wants to buy now, we the selling organisation wants to sell now, so why then is there often such delay in processing and facilitating a live opportunity?

Urgency is often a by-product of the both the individual AND the organisation which the individual belongs to.

Sales teams need to react with urgency to every single opportunity that comes their way, but we should not kid ourselves that they will just work flat out for the love.

Incentivisation must exist in sales…if your salespeople are not coin operated then how can we expect them to create urgency?  £££ is the bedrock of sales culture.

Salespeople and teams need rewarding for EVERY sale that they produce…only then will you create the desired urgency to both grow fast and correctly manage under performance.We still see organisations trying to tinkle with this…

Soft targets, annualised profit-sharing incentive schemes that depend on some many other factors beyond revenue growth…. through to targets that exist without any incentivisation at all.

The result is that the urgency simply isn’t there…you may think it is, the salespeople may tell you it is…but experience tell us quite differently.

Without straightforward sales commission you will never create the culture needed to drive urgency and close more deals.  It will NEVER be optimised.

It’s a typical penny-wise pound-foolish scenario…and its likely to be costing you £000’s in lost sales every month and year.

And as a result, the B2B Buyer quickly turns off as the sales experience starts to not marry up with their expectations or match the experience, they have had with your brand up until sales interaction.

Creating the right selling Culture starts at the top

So, what needs to change?

Culture is often engrained into organisations…processes and controls are often in play that nobody really understands but exist because ‘that’s the way we work’.

Old habits die hard, and this is often why cultural drag is still such a HUGE issue for b2b organisations who are pressing for rapid growth.

Therefore, more work needs to be done to educate the C-Suite about the fast-changing nature of the B2B Buyer…many still think the old ways of selling are still the best ways.

But until you understand how savvy and fast evolving your buying audience is, can you truly create a top-down culture that not only aspires to engage properly with it but convert more into customers as quickly as you can.

No matter how sophisticated the sales strategy is, the technology is, the proposition is…for most b2b organisations your sales are ultimately still in the hands of human’s…humans who are fuelled by cultural forces.

The whole sales structure (top down) needs to feed in and contribute to the culture.

Build something that is unique…build something that everyone feels part of…

Something different to what else is out there…something that will entice the best salespeople into your business…and motivate them and make them perform every single week and month.

And finally, do not be shy of reward…If your salespeople are selling well and selling fast then your business is growing fast…the ultimate WIN/WIN culture.

Ampli’s Sales Consultancy division is working closely with B2B organisations to create 21st century sales programmes and that includes initiatives to eliminate cultural drag from sales teams.

Get in touch today for a no obligation chat about how we an initiate rapid change in your sales culture.