Ampli will focus on step-changing B2B sales, headed by Jason Horsman

 An ex-managing director at Golley Slater has launched his own B2B sales growth agency. Seeing the pressure the current climate is putting on businesses to accelerate profitable sales growth, Jason Horsman spotted an opportunity to help sales teams take a more strategic approach to their sales efforts.

Launching in Leeds initially, Ampli’s mission is to focus on transforming business-to-business sales across a wide variety of sectors.  Unusually, Ampli will help businesses to rapidly deploy the necessary strategy, skills, technology and processes to transform their sales growth internally – only offering outsourced services where required to bridge resource gaps.

Jason Horsman had held the role of managing director at Golley Slater PRM for 15 years.  There, he transformed the Prospect Relationship Management arm of the company (Outsourced Inside Sales) to a turnover of over £5 million, employing more than 100 people and building long-term relationships with companies such as Eon, npower, Nestle, Briggs Equipment, Arco, O2 and Sage.

The new agency will provide more forward-thinking solutions for businesses and sales teams by applying human strategic thinking and artificial intelligence to sales efforts.  Jason believes this will be vitally important for profitability and business success, given the current economic situation.

He explains: “It feels like now is the time for us to do things differently.   Sales functions need to adapt and change.   It is no longer the size of the business that determines success – it’s about being the fastest.   Most sales functions are not adapting to the 21st century or leveraging the game-changing technology that can now be applied to sales functions and the traditional agency model is increasingly outmoded.   Now, more than ever, with the backdrop of a pandemic and commercial pressures, companies will need to grow themselves out of the recession – and do it quickly and efficiently.”

Ampli is initially launching with a team of 4 including a highly experienced strategic proposition expert, sales coaching expert and a digital marketing specialist.

Jason continues: “We have 60 years of knowledge and experience between us as a team.  We’ve developed a structured approach we are calling the Ampli M.O (Modus Operandi).   We’ve learnt that the b2b ‘sales funnel’ is often fundamentally flawed, leading to significant waste and inefficiencies.   We will help businesses weed out the inefficiencies in their Inside Sales approaches and amplify their successes.

Frustratingly, most sales and direct marketing agencies encourage companies to outsource the entirety of the problem but we believe in 2021 and beyond that isn’t always in their best interest and that there is now a different approach to be had.  Ampli helps our clients to better identify their prospects and how best to target them using advanced AI and automation technologies.  This saves money and delivers clever, fast results.  We provide clients with a motivating ‘selling’ story and work with their sales teams to optimise productivity.  We can offer outsourced services and a network of partner organisations, if we need to bring in additional support to bridge any gaps”.

Ampli intends to grow quickly by bringing on board more specialists to help deliver its Ampli M.O methodology and to expand its outsourced services. It will also work as part of virtual agency network Pimento, which is Europe’s largest independent network of agencies with over 5,500 members.