When was the last time you stopped and questioned how you were buying as a consumer? 

Was it because Amazon forgot to remember your last purchase or site visit?

Or because a car brand did not follow-up your car build configuration with highly personalised emails and online display advertising?

Did you turn off because you were not served up relevant and personalised programmatic adverts the last time you went online to book a holiday?

The reality is that as consumers we have been in autopilot for years…

researching 90% of what everything we buy meticulously on and offline and expecting personalisation across every touchpoint of our buying journey.

And instantly turning off if we do not receive it.

As consumers, we have become accustomed to online buying processes that are streamlined and easy to navigate.

We have all the information we need at our fingertips to facilitate a purchase in just a few clicks. It is simplicity that, as consumers (and humans), we have come to expect.

With Business-To-Business buying, it is a different Story…OR IS IT?

Nearly three-quarters of B2B buyers surveyed in 2019 by global research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. described their buying purchases as “very complex or difficult.” 

But this is often compounded by the fact that they continue to be not served the content they expect to facilitate their buying process by the vendor/seller…

The B2B Buyer is king and knows more than you think about your organisation

Because they are consumers…

And because, 46% of B2B Buyers are now millennials.

These Buyers know no different than to use all digital technology available to them to research your products, the marketplace, the competition even the salesperson selling to them.

Yet we continue to see B2B organisations forgetting the traits, habits, and behaviours of their buying audience.  The buying audience who are consumers.

Consumers who expect high levels of personalisation, they expect to be remembered, they expect relevant content to be served to them consistently all across their buying journey.

When they do not get it, they turn off and go elsewhere…which is now easier to do than ever.

In the B2B Selling process, it is critical to be aware of this…

Interactions with the B2B Buyer need to be highly personalised at ALL touchpoints…and they need to be consistent.

So, what can you do about it…

The answer in many ways is very simple – do not wait for the Buyer to research you.

Talk to them…. take control and influence the sale…Now.

To do this of course you need data and intelligence and lots of it at your fingertips.

You need to know more about your B2B Buyer than they know about you.

And for all the reasons mentioned above that is a task which should never be underestimated.

Ampli are building 21st century Sales Transformation Programmes for some of the UK’s most respected B2B organisations.

We have compiled a checklist to ask yourself about your B2B selling organisation and the Buyers you are selling to:

  • Do you know the exact size of the market you are selling to?
  • Are you categorising them by SIC codes and alienating them as a result?
  • Do you hold sufficient intelligence on ALL of your prospects to be able to talk them in a true 121 Account Based Marketing manner?
  • Is your sales team using social media to talk to your prospects and customers consistently across all channels away from their regular contact?
  • Are you feeding in relevant content to them in a highly personalised way across ALL channels?
  • Are your sales and marketing teams really 100% aligned?
  • Are you using 21st century mediums such as video, hyper personalised marketing automation and voice to engage with them?
  • Are you talking to them in the moments that really matter?
  • Are you using data and analytics to drive 70% or more of your sales cycle?

For more information on how we can help you develop a sales transformation process that intrinsically enables your business to know more about your Buying audience than they know about you, get in touch today.