First Impressions Always Count

As a company, you would like to think that all your client-facing staff were professional and well turned out in a sales pitch. They would be smart, factual, polite and on time with all the right information to hand.

Showing up on LinkedIn should not be any different.

As an individual, your LinkedIn profile is more than likely the first thing a new prospect will see. So, you could say it is your new first impression.

But it is the right first impression?

As a company, are you happy with how your staff look to the outside world?

Remember that business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn are professional sites that can be leveraged to help you: 

  • To be seen as a trustworthy, industry-leading organisation
  • Keep in touch with customers past and present
  • Collate new prospects and start them on their nurturing journey
  • Promote your professional products and services
  • Generate leads and
  • Make money!

The above can and does work for many companies on LinkedIn. Just make sure your staff are not the missing cog when it comes to your company’s creditability. Consistency is key when working in harmony with your staff to drive forward together on the same LinkedIn path.

We regularly hear that our staff are our best asset. If this truly is the case, then we need to show them off on LinkedIn. Make all their profiles consistent, credible, and identifiably you (as a company).

I mean, what would it tell you if your staff’s profiles were inconsistent, messy, have their job titles missing in the headline, were not connected to the company page, some had blurred photos, and the ones that weren’t blurred has been taken in a pub, and some photos were missing altogether?

Does this sound familiar?

An outsider’s glimpse of such an organisation would be careless, messy, unorganised, whereas by monitoring your staff’s profiles and making the right changes now, you could look the opposite!

Within B2B sales this is even more important now with procurement teams (and direct buyers themselves) using LinkedIn as a mandatory part of their process.

So, where do you start? 

On LinkedIn, monitor all of your client-facing staff’s profiles and provide a list of amends you ‘d like to make. From the images, headline, job summary, list of skills, right down to the contact details, and do not forget the all-important privacy settings.

Then sit back. Once all your staff profiles are uniformed, you can start looking slick, organised, on-trend, on-brand, consistent and most importantly, look like a team that people want to do business with.

OR take an easier route and contact us. We can run all your staff profiles through our capability matrix and then put your sales teams through our unique and highly successful social selling programme.