Can ALL Your Sales Team Persuasively Sell?

Sales Competitiveness is one of the core issues why not

We have observed that in many sales teams, not enough attention and resource is given to the messages and Selling Proposition at the all-important ‘Point of Purchase’.  By this, we mean that vital point in the sales funnel, where the sales team must persuade and convert sales leads into sales results.  In fact, many sales teams are ill-equipped to consistently tell a motivating selling story to their prospect audiences.

The more skilled members of a sales team will have honed their selling messages and scripts over time. Good sales people know how to talk and connect – but the successful ones have learnt to tell a story about their product and how it meets needs effectively.

However, these persuasive messages and stories are unlikely to be shared across teams.  The inherently competitive nature of many sales teams often works against motivating selling propositions being generously shared with less experienced – or less successful – members of the team.   New team members are rarely inducted with a clearly articulated Selling Proposition or sales story to work with either.

Success does not come from a Selling Proposition that you occasional hit on, but one that you tell consistently.  This is one dysfunctional aspect of a traditional sales funnel which we have identified.

The Selling ‘Story’ should never be forgotten

A productive sales team needs a clear selling story that is understood across the sales function and is then leveraged. The sales team needs a clear, compelling way to explain your products role in the market and why it should be at the top of any prospect’s consideration set.  It should be right on the tip of their tongue.

To be clear, the Selling Proposition is different to the marketing or brand proposition – though they should be totally connected.

The brand proposition is usually the brand’s role and benefit in the broader marketplace – which drives attitudes and perceptions of the brand.   The Selling Proposition is how that is applied to a specific prospect’s needs and then converted into a compelling call-to-purchase.

Nothing sticks in your head more memorably than a selling story.  It is a way for sales teams to get over a complicated message in an engaging and relevant way.   It usually involves a blend of factual information and emotional benefits, combined into a narrative.

A business rarely has a single prospect type, so it therefore does not just have one Selling Proposition.  However, the selling audience can often be organised into meaningful segments or typologies.   Then the Selling Proposition can be flexed meaningfully for different types of prospects who will have different needs and motivations.

That way, a prospect will feel understood and that the messages the sales team provide will have relevance and resonance.  This creates a strong sense of connection, trust and empathy.  Most importantly, it builds and strengthens sales conversions.  A consistent Selling Proposition will lead to consistent results.

How we can help you rapidly develop + implement your selling proposition

At Ampli, we understand the value of a clear and compelling Selling Proposition.  How it can strengthen the conversion levels that a sales team is working at.  How it ensures a consistent message is going out to the target prospects.

Please get in touch if you think we can help your Sales team to define their Selling Proposition.  We will run workshop sessions with key members of the sales team, using a range of exercises to tease out the motivating aspects of the Selling Proposition.  We then look at how to flex that for different target prospect types and then work with you to onboard it into your salespeople and ensure its monitored consistently to maximise impact.

Get in touch today to amplify your selling story.