Your Prospect Blueprint…THE most critical B2B investment in 2021

Data driven thinking is still not a priority…but for how long?

Data.  It is a subject which still causes a collective sigh around the board room table.

Marketing to most board members remains to be centred around the brand, website, digital experience, demand gen activity and sales collateral. Sales leaders continue to talk in ‘black-book’ language, assuming prospecting should remain solely the job of the field and inside sales teams.   CRM decision-makers and influencers have started over the years to begin to demonstrate the benefits data can have on marketing and sales, but their voice often gets lost or uncoordinated from the core marketing and sales drive.

Data continues to be the great taboo for many businesses when it comes to b2b prospecting and indeed in using it as the engine for ALL sales and marketing activity.

Is it because its foreseen as being dull?  Is it not interesting when sided next to the sex appeal of brand and demand generation? Is it hard to quantify and internally communicate and procure as a critical financial investment compared with more ‘understood and tried and tested marketing’ approaches? Or is it simply because its application and benefits remain an unknown entity and as a result its continuously pushed down the corporate agenda?

However with AI technologies now simplifying the perceived complexities linked with data and maybe even making it ‘marketing savvy and interesting’ the sooner this mindset is reversed the sooner the obvious commercial benefits of effective data in prospecting can be optimised.

So, what is the process for creating a successful prospect blueprint?

It all starts with building a rapid AI Powered Single Customer View

Creating your prospect blueprint or put another way building your ‘sellable world’ from a data perspective starts off by firstly collating an holistic view of your existing customers – a single customer view (SCV) .  You do this by unifying all of the data-points you hold on a customer into a single cohesive comprehensive view.   

Many organisations continue to struggle to build this view. Indeed Experian estimate that around 89% of B2B organisations still significantly struggle in obtaining an accurate and precise view of their customers that they can actually base tangible business decisions on and as a result such projects continue to not obtain the full organisational buy-in they need to be successful.

A summary of the benefits a SCV can bring your organisation are listed below:

– Improved customer experience – if you have a more unified view of your customer then it provides greater insights into understanding their needs thus enabling you to improve your service offering to them.

– Greater ability to fix and operationalise internal processes linked to serving the customer

– The ability to introduce highly personalised and automated CRM practices into your organisation.

– A segmentation platform that allows you to unlock the rest of your marketable world – a world we call your prospect universe.

The good news is that in 2021 AI technologies now allow the SCV build to be significantly accelerated, meaning the subsequent segmentation and forecasting benefits that a CSV bring, can be optimised and actioned much quicker – amplifying sales growth as a result.  

These simplified processes also enable sales and marketing leaders to quickly quash departmental silos and lack of organisational buy-in often associated with SCV builds.

Using the SCV and AI to RAPIDLY build your Prospect Universe and accelerate new customer sales growth

Most, if not all, b2b organisations have a ceiling on the number of companies they can do business with.  ‘Funnel mindset’ sometimes blurs this view, but the reality is that all marketing and sales effort has to be purely focussed on the organisations who will only ever buy your product or service and in some cases this ‘universe’ can be quite small (sub 5000 companies or even less).

Surely then it makes sense to invest in a strategy that enables you to rapidly find your world and then append intelligence which enables you to build a robust and accurate view of your sellable world?

Through firstly building a rapid SCV which provides accurate segmentation patterns you are quickly able to identify perfect prospect personas and then use these personas to pull in identical matching data using AI – and in doing so replacing traditional more inefficient cold data feeds (data ‘lists’).  These AI data feeds also now include pulling in intent data sources. 

Intent data in b2b is starting to play an increasingly important role in building prospect universes because of its impact on data prioritisation (i.e. prioritising your effort on prospects most likely to purchase).

Intent data is simply prospects who are looking to purchase similar products and services in your marketplace and intent technology allows you find these prospects and flag them in real-time before serving them a highly personalised automated omni-channel nurture journey using 21st century sales enablement tools.

AI tools now allow you to reach more precise data that is not bound by SIC code restrictions.  When you overlay effective tele profiling delivered through your Inside Sales Team to append intelligence you can’t buy off the shelf or even through AI tech (!) you are then building your world and doing it in a way (using AI) which constantly focusses on prospects with the highest propensity to purchase.  This delivers almost immediate efficiencies which in turn justify to the senior stakeholders the need for the prospect blueprints continued investment.

Prospect universe creation also focusses on understanding what the influencer chain is across your different target sectors and how you then capture that again using AI technologies to ensure you can optimise the right sales enablement tools to stimulate the buying process. Available data shows that on average, 5.4 people are involved in making purchase decisions in B2B companies.

Finally, once the prospect universe is built or being built you can then overlay fully automated AI powered predictive ‘always-on’ reporting (drawing in over 100,000 cloud based data points per second) with in-built propensity modelling.  This enables you to slice and dice your universe, and subsequent sales and marketing focus based both on actual intelligence you now own and on anticipating market and economic impacts before they appear.   Sales forecasting fit for 2021 and beyond.

Every marketing and sales investment you make as a result of an effective prospect blueprint will work ten times harder.  You will also…finally…be able to resource your sales FTE based on what you know you know not what has previously been an intelligent ‘punt’ – generating significant efficiencies.

So, in 2021 can you really afford not to invest in your B2B data strategy and create your prospect blueprint?  It is not a drawn-out process…it can now be done rapidly.

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There is a tried and tested science involved in developing and implementing your prospect blueprint which when deployed effectively will hold the key to rapid sales growth.

Whether you’re a SME, Mid-Market or Enterprise b2b organisation, Ampli is on hand to give you the commercial context a prospect blueprint will bring to your organisation and then help you build it using 21st century AI powered technology and proven and effective human strategic direction…to unlock a world you never knew existed.

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