Who would be wanting to be responsible for growth in 2021?!

Context Bridge

The b2b Sales, Marketing + Commercial Director of 2021…you’ve kind of got to feel sorry for them, haven’t you?  As if their tasks and jobs were not tough enough as they were, they have had their pressures intensified by the pandemic and an increased fear of the unknown…

Their primary objective though remains the same – demonstrate strong commercial growth and do it as fast and efficiently as possible…. sounds easy right?

Think again….then you’ve got to layer in departmental bureaucracy that gets in the way of change or is not pulling in the same direction, a distinct lack of understanding of the size and complexity of the market you can sell to or how to access it and build a centralised data strategy, a proposition that dilutes across sales teams and marketing channels, and sales resource capacity or capability issues (the great taboo!).

Then you have got AI and Automation technologies.  You know they exist and even may have some basic knowledge of them or maybe even deploying them to some capacity – but you know full well they are not being optimised yet alone being shown the impact they could have on your overall sales effort effectiveness and efficiency.

Context is needed…fast

How do you then make sense of it and drive everyone in your growth team towards the same goal…? profitable growth?

Data teams (internal or outsourced) will be often technologically focussed and missing commercial context, a brand proposition is different to a selling proposition,  there is likely to be critical data and insight missing on sales resource productivity and efficiency even though they may be a ‘reality gut feel’ playing out in yours or your sales managements heads.

But a ‘gut feel’ in the corporate governance world of 2021 is very hard to put into action.

Your marketing teams may or may not be optimising marketing automation tools to push campaigns out to mass audiences but are your Inside Sales Teams using state of the art sales enablement tools to automate and enhance the 121-prospect journey? Are the two intrinsically linked?… They should be.

As for AI…..well there is a general fear of the unknown that exists around it – or it may just trigger a thought of…

“ouch…I’ve read about that, but it seems light years away from being operational within our organisation OR it just seems like a massive transformation project! Or it sounds far too complicated!  I need sales growth fast!”

….so, you ditch the thought and move back into traditional techniques you know can have impact.

The clock continues to tick…fast.

The context bridge?

That is where Ampli can help you and is why we exist. Over 60 collective years’ experience operating highly sophisticated outsourced new customer acquisition programs for clients including Npower, Briggs Equipment, Arco and e-on has provided us with a precise understanding of the B2B sales funnel – where it works and where it leaks.

We have it within our core values to exist purely to ensure your company can access thinking, methodologies and 21st century proprietary technology that allows you to fill those leaks and all the time prioritise efforts towards what will have the quickest commercial growth impact.

Most importantly we provide the CONTEXT BRIDGE that pulls together proven thinking and AI driven technology into meaningful plain English commercial context and implementation solutions. Nothing we recommend, propose or implement is done without a guaranteed commercial benefit output.

If any of that sounds familiar and you want to explore more about Ampli’s context bridge then get in touch today…we will try our best to ensure you have a commercial benefit outcome to that one initial conversation.  That is how we work.