2025 = AI, Automation, Employee Agility, Freelance thinking and FAST-MOVING sales growth


Planning starts NOW!

2025…are you having a laugh I hear many of you screaming!

McKinsey’s recent study to 800 executives around how they envisage the working b2b landscape in 2025 has provided perhaps the clearest sign yet that things really will never go to back to how they were at the start of 2020.

The working model of 2025 is highly anticipated to be driven by A.I and Automation (driving workflows, marketing and sales effort), a continuation of the new found employee agility driven by more flexible working patterns and a huge shift in companies hiring freelance and temporary workers to accelerate thinking into their organisations in a far more efficient way.

Currently for many, however, the 4-year plan and vision to try to plan and navigate where your company will be will in 2025 will seem very blurred and distorted.  A good deal of b2b organisations will be struggling to see beyond the next 6 months and still be waiting anxiously on the next move the pandemic and Brexit will have on their marketplace.

We must however remember that businesses only survive and thrive with positive mindsets  and despite the financial pressures, remember and keep remembering that the only way to combat any kind of recession is to keep sales investment (and that includes marketing) high on the agenda and be innovative in applying new thinking and ideas to your sales mix.

Be Pro-Active & Embrace Change

Sales growth is the name in town in 2021…and you certainly cannot wait for the economic conditions to make their next move. You must take the move to them!

So how do you do this?

Well you could take the approach that if something isn’t broken then don’t try and fix it (and I would of course usually more often than not agree with this), or continue using methods and approaches that are inherent to your organisation (even without maybe knowing if they are effective and efficient in today’s times), or simply hope that things will get better organically….

The problem with all these strategies however is that the market is changing at such a rapid rate currently that ALL of them could be be flatlined before you have time to truly analyse them.

The good news is that the answers are already in circulation.

AI and Automation combined with astute tried and tested human sales methodologies and processes represents perhaps the most reassuring, effective, cost efficient and agile way to accelerate sales growth without burning valuable time and money on continued ‘test and learn’ marketing and sales strategies.

So why waste time when the technology and thinking already exists to bring forward and accelerate your growth – tenfold?

Data remains the biggest catalyst for change

An acceptance of the role data can and MUST play in your b2b sales strategy is for me however, perhaps the single biggest mindset shift that must take place within your business first.

My 20 years’ experience executing and implementing data driven sales strategies across numerous b2b vertical sectors has taught me one key piece of intel – and that’s just how inadequate b2b organisations are/have been at investing in their data strategy and as a result how this has led to huge inefficiencies in unlocking their true sales potential and doing so with their right level of sales resource (i.e. on what basis have you decided you need xxx sales people?)

There’s a load of reasons why that is, but the mindset needs to change or optimising the AI and Automation technologies that exist today to accelerate growth will always play second fiddle to more inherent ‘traditional’ techniques that still exist: “because that’s what we’ve done in the past and its always worked “ OR “we know our marketplace better than anyone so investing in data won’t change that”.

Now Get AI Ready and Reap the Growth Benefits

Once you have been commercially guided on this mindset change, then you can be shown how machine learning can now accelerate the data strategy planning process, saving your organisation significant time and money in test and learn.

AI and automation cannot be truly optimised without understanding the commercial benefit it strives to deliver . The benefit it brings to unlocking your world and planning the right (and most efficient) sales structure you need to attack it means that any initial investment that is required to initiate it – will be paid back well within year 1: Through both increased revenue growth and achieving this growth with maximum efficiency.

This was the very reason Ampli was set-up…to work with b2b organisations in setting optimised growth objectives and delivering these based on grounded 21st century science and proven methodologies.  A business created in a remote world which optimises the agility this now brings to businesses in 2021.


Get in touch to understand how Ampli can accelerate your sales growth without the need for drawn out test and learn. Ampli will give you solutions to sales challenges you will resonate with and deliver you Sales growth that can be realised NOW.